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Junior Program


To meet the Demand of Central Coast families with school age children, Rory Doll Golf Academy has established a new Junior Golf Program for our rising golf enthusiasts. Our exclusive new Junior Golf Program will have a unique focus that centers around providing experiences that inspire curiosity, immersive play, and exploration into the game of golf.


Our unique approach to junior golf is to provide an age appropriate, student-centric, game-based curriculum that presents golf in a modern, approachable, and exciting manner. Our training sessions are going to be better described as team-based challenges bursting at the seams with interesting choices, high levels of player interaction, goal quests, and games and activities that tease out each child's creativity, problem solving skills, engineering capabilities, communication/team management, alongside their golf skill development. Rory Doll Golf Academy is now a Level 3 certified facility with the Discover Golf program which is changing junior golf around the world! We invite you to come enjoy and PLAY golf with us!

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Spring/Summer Semesters

Monday-Friday 4-5:30p.m.

Saturday 1:30-3p.m. & 3:30-5p.m.

March 1-April 25 (2 month semester)

1 day per week     $175 per month

2 days per week   $325 per month

3 days per week   $489 per month


April 26-June 20 (2 month semester)

1 day per week      $199 per month

2 days per week    $349 per month

3 days per week    $499 per month

Spring Break Experiences

Join the RDGA Team for a junior golf experience unlike any other. Get ready to LEVEL UP your golf game with expert coaching in tandem with GAME-BASED learning environment.

RDGA’s 2-day golf experiences are ideal for juniors of all skill levels between the ages of 5-14. Players will be organized and coached in a 4-1 (student to instructor ratio) and by age and skill to maximize their enjoyment and skill development. 

April 5-6       1p.m. - 3p.m.  $170

April 8-9       1p.m. - 3p.m.  $170


DiscoverGolf Class Pass

Ten, 90-minute classes $399

Busy and unpredictable weekly schedule? If those apply to your family and you want your child to experience DiscoverGolf junior programs this winter and beyond, the Ten Class Pass is perfect for your family, and good for one year from date of purchase

DGWEE (Ages 4-8)

The DGWee program is an invitation for our youngest players to explore the game of golf through the lens of PLAY. Rich in story, open exploration, and child appropriate themes, the DGWee program is delivered in an accessible, non-judgemental format that encourages players of all abilities to love the way THEY PLAY golf. The DGWee program also includes daily movement patterning to build each child’s physical literacy, a prerequisite for long-term success on the golf course.

DG Play (Ages 9-12)

In a “Play” forward approach the most important success metric is fun. Juniors will chip, pitch, putt, drive, and play golf like all other classes but will spend more time engaged in activities that present nontraditional modules. If your junior has never played golf and/or is more focused on having fun than shooting low scores, this is the perfect offering for them.


DG (Serious) Play

(Ages 12+)

Discover Golf (serious) Play classes offer a different perspective to programming. Geared toward students that have short - and long-term golf goals and potential tournament aspirations this program offers a more technique-driven road map. Juniors in this group can expect more “explicit” instruction, more drills than games, and on course time. Start with an assessment for this program!


Meet The Team


Conner Hayes

Game Master


Darren Avrit

Game Engineer


Tony Consolino

Game Engineer