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Why Choose RDGA?

Our Mission & Program Values

At RDGA we aim to deliver high quality golf instruction to all levels of golfers. Our mission is to provide the most personalized and impactful golf experience to each student that we work with. When you work with an instructor at RDGA, you will be receiving personalized and high quality coaching. 

More than just coaching

When you work with one of our coaches, you're getting more than just a golf lesson or a golf program, you're getting a friend and mentor for your golf journey. Our academy is unique in that the lead coaches understand both the mentality of a player, and the role of a coach. 

In 2012 Rory Doll started working with Tony Consolino through a connection with his college coach. Rory and Tony connected quickly as coach and student and Tony guided Rory to a record setting college career. After turning pro Rory was teaching & practicing at Monarch Dunes and playing on different tours around the North America. Tony continued to teach in Orlando and worked with Rory virtually. During this time Rory struggled learning virtually and sought instruction from a California based instructor for a period of time. Tony was battling health issues and underwent major surgeries, the two never lost touch and Rory always looked to Tony as a mentor. During these times Tony reached out to Rory and told him that whenever he needed him and played in his first big event, Tony would be on a plane, whether it be as a coach or a friend. 

Now Tony works alongside Rory and they take that mentality into every student and the golf academy embodies that daily. We believe that we are more than just an instructor, we are a coach, mentor, and friend to each person that we work with. If you join us, you too will experience our coaching & mentorship. 

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