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Rory Doll


Rory's Values

Rory has a passion for golf, but more importantly a passion for helping people. In building his academy Rory has continued to pursue his goal of helping each person he works with to improve their skills and identify strategies to overcome challenges. Rory's junior programs are run with the foundation of developing foundational life skills through the game of golf. As the academy continues to grow Rory is focused on helping each and every one of his students to perform their best, both in golf and life. The academy also helps juniors with financial assistance, providing over $10,000 in training, tournament entry fees, and equipment costs to families yearly.

Playing Career

Rory grew up in Nipomo and competed for Nipomo High School, earning two MVP awards. After a successful collegiate career at NWU earning All-American Honors, 2014 Mid-American Player of the Year, and setting 7 school records, Rory started pursuing golf professionally. During these years Rory qualified for the sectional round of the U.S. Open in 2014 & 2016. In his time playing he earned a professional win, as well as many top 10s. While competing Rory started his own golf academy and began teaching adults and juniors, where he found his true passion.



Rory has had the opportunity to work with many different skill levels including top amateur players in the world. Regardless of the level of player, Rory seeks to deliver the most effective and clear path to improvement. Rory specialized in biomechanics and looks to identify the most effective body movements for each player. Rory believes in a well rounded approach to improvement. Through goal setting, effective technical skills, purposeful practice, and effective strategies, he helps players of all levels enjoy the game of golf.

Student Acheivements

While being a young coach in the game Rory has already found much success with his students. RDGA currently has over 10 college players competing at some of the top ranked schools in the country. Locally Rory has players competing at over 16 high school programs, and is looking forward to helping those players achieve their dream of playing collegiately 

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