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Our Process

At RDGA we believe in a process that allows us to provide the most unique and beneficial experience to every single client that we work with. We pride ourselves on our clients having an individual and personalized experience with highly trained and knowledgeable instructors. Please click the link below to book an assessment, or click here to fill out a questionnaire and a staff member will reach out within 1-2 business days. 


Start with an 

Tired of not getting better? Wanting to learn golf in the most effective way? 

Our assessments are personalized experiences where we walk you through your tendencies and address your concerns and give you a clear path to your goals. Our 1 hour assessments include the following: 

  • A Biomechanic understanding of how your body moves through unique testing

  • FlightScope Analysis of your full swing

  • Short game skills challenges to develop a baseline

  • Goal setting session going over your specific goals

  • A personalized plan to help you reach your goals

For intermediate to advanced players, check out our full game assessment listed below. This assessment will cover all of your needs to improve your game and reach your goals. 


Need more info? 
Fill out the questionnaire form, and we will reach out within 3 business days to answer all of your questions!


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We have learned so much from Rory Doll Golf Academy. The clinics have helped me improve greatly. Rory is very professional, prompt, and friendly. Rory's on course clinics have given us information we take on the course...invaluable!

—  Dave

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