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We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of golf instruction. Meet our team!

Full Bio

Rory Doll


Tony Consolino

Director Of Instruction

Darren Avrit


Rory has a passion for golf, but more importantly a passion for helping people. In building his academy Rory has continued to pursue his goal of helping each person he works with to improve their skills and identify strategies to overcome challenges. Rory's junior programs are run with the foundation of developing foundational life skills through the game of golf. As the academy continues to grow Rory is focused on helping each and every one of his students to perform their best, both in golf and life. The academy also helps juniors with financial assistance, providing over $10,000 in training, tournament entry fees, and equipment costs to families yearly.

A large part of Rory's success is attributed to his relationship with Tony Consolino. Rory and Tony met in 2012 during Rory's Sophomore year of college. After working with Tony, Rory became an All-American and had a record setting career. Rory and Tony became close in the years following and when an opportunity came up to bring Tony onto the team at RDGA in 2019, their dream of working together was realized and Tony became the Director of Instruction. 

Rory continues to work to build an academy that will meet the needs of adults & juniors locally, and also impact players around the country by using quality information and fundamentals to help players overcome challenges. 

Wes McKee


Tony Consolino has had an extensive career in the golf industry. Tony and Rory first met when Rory was a Sophmore in college. Tony became Rory's coach, and a friendship and mentorship was immediately developed. Both Tony and Rory have been hoping to work together, and in 2019, that opportunity happened when Tony joined RDGA as the Director of Instruction. Tony's highlights include: 

  • Turning Professional in 2002

  • Teaching Golf since 2004

  • 7 Years as Director of Instruction with GolfTEC (Orlando)

  • 3 Years as coach for Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy

  • 2 Years as coach for Foley Golf Performance

  • Nearly 25,000 hours of instruction and coaching with students in swing mechanics, putting , short game, and course strategies to lower their score. 

  • Coached players of all levels, including players from PGA, LPGA, and other professional tours

With nearly 20 years of teaching experience, Tony's focus is to help each player develop their own personal golf game. With the use of Bio Mechanics, and a simple teaching approach, Tony's goal is for each student to simply think less and execute "their" golf swing. 

Tony enjoys seeing players improve their games, no matter if it's a beginner, or someone as far as the professional ranks. Tony's biggest enjoyment comes from seeing juniors he has coached, play at the college level and use their golf skills to get their education. Mentoring younger players is his passion. 


Hearing 500 plus students of all levels achieve their career round, or play the best golf of their life is always the most rewarding for him personally. 

Coach Darren is a Cal Poly professor who specializes in coaching and golf instruction. Darren currently has two sons who are competing at high level college golf programs on scholarship. Darren is a certified first tee coach and enjoys running both the Monarch Dunes & Dairy Creek first tee programs. Darren is one of our lead junior golf instructors and focuses on junior group coaching. Darren brings fun and excitement to every group that he coaches, leading kids to love the game of golf. 

Conner Hayes grew up in Oregon and developed a passion for golf, giving up baseball to pursue golf. After a high school and junior college career Conner started in the golf industry at Tetherow golf resort. Conner quickly realized he had a passion for teaching golf and migrated to the Central Coast. He now works at RDGA as a Assistant Coach and is certified in Discover Golf Junior Programs. Conner heads up our beginner junior program and does an incredible job bringing young players into the game of golf. 

Coach McKee grew up in San Luis playing competitive golf for SLO High School & Fresno State. Wes is now the assistant coach for the SLO High Girls and Boys golf teams. Wes enjoys working with all levels of golfers and teaches all different aspects of the game through clinics, semi-private group training, and private lessons. Wes is based out of Dairy Creek and teaches the majority of his private lessons at that location. Wes uses technology such as video, Top Tracer, and FlightScope to develop a focused practice program that translates to lower scores! Click Appointments to book with Wes today!


Darren Avrit



Conner Hayes


Wes McKee


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